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Security Policy

Sauípe SA's main commitment is to provide safe and quality services for the satisfaction of its clients, with an organizational policy based on essential pillars such as being ecologically correct, socially fair, economically viable and culturally accepted, in accordance with current and relevant standards while always seeking to commit to:

  • Client satisfaction

To constantly ensure that the needs of the clients are satisfied and to continually improve the services given through evaluating team performance and the training of the operational team. This is done to ensure excellent client services with safety being a priority.

  • Environmental and social responsibility

Respect the environment with a conscious commitment to conserve and preserve the nature in which the enterprise is inserted, while minimizing the impacts of our activities in order to make them sustainable. Not only to use the environment for our well being, but also valuing the local culture and people with a focus on ethics, sustainability and security.

  • Legislation

To constantly ensure compliance with the existing legislation that is in force which includes environmental legislation and health and safety laws.

  • Continuous improvement

Seek continuous improvement of our Security Management System (SGS) in our actions and operations.